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book coverThe H2O’C Engineering Library is intended to be our continuing contribution to the on-line literature in the water/wastewater treatment field. It consists of technical publications which have appeared in both refereed technical journals and waterworks trade magazines. You can download these along with some slide shows.

 WTP Preface Water Treatment Plant Performance Evaluations and Operations (Wiley, 2009).
WTP Figures Annotated Micrographs: Lake Water Source to Drinking Water.
The H2O’C Engineering Library by John T. & Tom O’Connor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

A comprehensive listing of  H2O’C Engineering Publications is available at Library LinksIn addition, a selection of Water and Wastewater Slide Shows and Presentations have been posted on the American Chemical Society member’s website (ACS links below):

The Story of Bottled Water
A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal-and its possible future.
A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal – Part 2: Toilets
A Brief History of Human Waste Management – Part 3: Sewerage
A History of Human Waste Disposal – Part 4. Sewage Treatment
A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal-Part 5. Wastewater Treatment
A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal – Part 6. The Future
My Kitchen Tap versus My Refrigerator Dispenser
Pit Happens: Copper Corrosion in Household Plumbing
What we can’t (or shouldn’t) put into our  Sanitary Sewerage Systems
Bottled Water Exhibit: University of California-Davis (Video)
Anthropogenic Global Warming

Drinking Water Quality, Treatment and Distribution

A Drinking Water Supply Manifesto
Water Chemistry
Arsenic in Drinking Water
Total Organic Carbon
Total Organic Carbon – Health Effects
Total Organic Carbon Removal
Methane in Ground Water
Virus in Water Supplies
Chlorine vs. Chloramine
Water Softening by Precipitation with Lime
Taste and Odor Control at Bloomington, Illinois
Drinking Water Filtration: Replacement of GAC Caps at Bloomington, Illinois
Air-Assisted Filter Backwash (Air Scour)
Drinking Water Process Performance Evaluations
Control of Nitrification in a Water Distribution System
Pharmaceuticals in Water and Wastewater
The Story of Bottled Water and other Slide Shows: iBook
Stream Biomonitoring

Conservation: Water and Renewable Energy

Thank you, USEPA!
All-Electric Vehicles – and Gasoline Taxes
The Social Cost of Burning Carbon
An Editorial: A Decade of ‘No Growth’ in Energy and Water Use
Residential Solar System Costs – Columbia, Missouri
20/20 (‘twenty slides for twenty seconds each’)
Household Electrical Energy Usage
Wastewater Reclamation, Recovery and Reuse
Sustainability for Water Systems
Steps towards Sustainability

This material may be freely used, with attribution, for all educational purposes. We welcome your comments, critiques, corrections, new information …

Finally, Tom O’Connor (an electrical engineer and master electrician) and his wife (Columbia Art League Executive Director), Diana, have debated the energy versus aesthetic benefits of a wide range of household conservation experiments in the ‘Power Couple,’ a regular Sunday newspaper column that appeared in the Columbia Daily Tribune.  Enjoy their give and take as they attempt to green up their world without compromising their cushy American lifestyles.

Power Couple articles    Tom and Diana

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