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After Heart Surgery

After Heart Surgery Some thoughts following receiving a part from a cow.

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Bronx to Hell’s Kitchen

Bronx to Hell’s Kitchen Reminiscences of Life in New York City. 1933-1955.

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Letters to Heather

LetterstoHeather This collection is a series of whimsical letters to my daughter, Heather, who shares my concerns about inexorable population growth and the progressive depletion of the earth’s natural resources. John T. O’Connor

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Eden – Book I Eden – Book II Eden – Book III Eden – Book IVa Eden – Book Va Eden – Book VI Eden – Book VII

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Return to Eden is the last revelation to ever be written for the Bible … and despite a degree of darkness, it has what might be considered a happy ending. Written in a series of seven Books and 57 epistles, this work … Continue reading

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